Academic Year 2012-2013

Now that summer vacation is over. The Academic Year of 2012-2013 has begun. I hope that this year will beneficial not only for the students but also for myself. By default, each year comes with new challenges and opportunities. I intend to continue working on my manifested destiny, which will in turn grant me access … Continue reading

Wall Message

Here is a way for students to get their mind onto a map of some sort. So, what exactly am I talking about? Well its called wallwisher; this simple web tool gives one a place where he can do a little sandboxing / collaborative postings. I am planning to use this for my student next … Continue reading

positive ether

Be the master of your wicked self, so dat you can be guided on the pure path of loving passionate light… then  you can become monolithic  in your miraj or flight… with positive ether comes forth more positive features of the seeders for a strong foundation. a foundation for the sake community life! a foundation … Continue reading

Meeting in the middle: Classroom Mindset

Classroom management is a subject that is forever changing. As new generations of youth emerge replacing its forefathers as students in the class, one has to stop at some point and think if the same mindset of the past exist in today’s information age.  To stop at some point requires reflection even if it is … Continue reading

Something like this…

While contemplating trying to analyze the flaws/ mishaps in the  class, I had a moment. “Ah!!! Why not”, I said… So, I just ask them to make a demand list with possible solutions. This rap session took about 15 minutes. Afterwards, I got the results. HAHA!!! to myself, then I realized that they didn’t have … Continue reading

The sweet summer night

Through the sweet summer night alone I stayed awake thinking of you. I cry longing to hear your presence. I wonder… Will you come? Are you near? Show me the truth. Show me…    the possibility! Through the sweet summer night I stay awake to find the secret realm of you dwelling. I came near- I … Continue reading

Beautiful Days Pass By…

Beautiful  days pass by. Why is the money of the world not so high? What a hypocrisy that makes the poor  wanna cry. Travel the world see what I have seen, believe me it ain’t all that with a bling, bling. Dream worlds are fading brain frequencies are drained. No more imagination bleeding through to … Continue reading